Why Do We Find This Important...?

People wanna be politically correct all the time but why is that looked at as a form of redemption? People argue about what is politically correct all the time, but at the end of the day we're all just forcing our own opinions and finding some cause of justification as to why things should be a certain way or why people should be treated a certain way.

Why do find it important to share our opinion and thoughts to the world? Sure everyone has the right to share their opinion but ask yourself why should it matter if your opinions aren't doing anything to cause a change? Thoughts are only seeds that are feed with will and breed into influence.

People say fight racism. Why do we find that fight important? Shouldn't we focus more on the solution to the problem instead of the problem itself.

Why do find it important to label ourselves male or female? It shouldn't matter. You are an infinite being. You are a life force- insects, animals, plants, humans are all life forces. Your gender, your age, mind, and race have something unique that allows you to experience the world from special perspective. Embrace that. Embrace who you are. Don't be ashamed especially if you can't change it.

"The heaviest hearts remain the strongest."

Why do we find Justice important? Justice exist in the crossroads of personal belief and pride backed with positive emotion. A kid got shot for stealing a soda and people say justice was served because he got what he deserved. Because a kid was dressed up as one of his favorite rappers, he was gunned down and people say justice was served because he was a menace to society. How can we claim to know justice when we don't even have enough heart to value human life or moral values?

Women, you are strong in your own way. You are not weak. Don't let people tell you you're weak.

Men, your lives do matter. From personal experience I know what it's like dealing with the dark side of being a man that no one ever talks about.

Male sexuality hardly gets any attention. Men are expected to sacrifice their own morals, health, happiness, pleasure, and even lives for the sake of other people. Sure maybe its noble, but growing it, that stuff is forced on boys and that gives men a low sense of self worth as they get older.
Men are said not to not have attachments to their children. That a man's sense of love if synthetic and fake because he did not birth his actual child. Did you forget that the life force of every child comes from males? Women may birth the child and feel it grow inside of them, but their soul and their life comes from who men are as a living force. Men are expected to put their lives on the line or else they're looked down as scum. Men are expected to make women happy even when the woman in question is a self obsessed treacherous human being. Women go through a lot and men do need to have sympathy, but some people are just scandalous and they know they are and they still expect to be treated like royalty.

Why do we find it important to fight this world with our belief systems? This world is full of masters and students and I see this world mostly filled with students trying to become leaders. The sad thing is... that is exactly what this world has become, a world full of students who become the face of leadership. If you want this world to be better, then learn to let go of it and understand it as a whole. "The closer you are to something, the less you can see it as a whole."

Hopefully this blog helps someone. Heck I probably shouldn't even be saying this stuff but like I said, the things I say are points of views that not many people bother to see.
January 7th, 2018 at 05:18am