A Daughter and Her Missed Father's Love

Something from the fantasy story I wrote...

(Shara aims her palm at Lex and charges a dark shadow blast. Lex is stunned by what he sees. She yells and throw the blast at him. It hits him and sends him flying far away. The blast is just big enough to cover his entire body and renders him helpless to move.)

Lex: This is impossible! How was she able to conjure his power so quickly! Its-it’s impossible! NO!

(He smashes into the ground and explodes far from the group. Shara falls toward the ground after the explosion, but Kiyo quickly runs up to catch her.)

Kiyo: Hey, you okay?! I’m surprised you’re still awake after an attack like that.

Shara: I… had to use my dad’s power in order to save what he cherishes most- life.

(Shara tightly grips her chest do to the immense pain in her heart. Her body collapses, but Kiyo kneels down with her to hold her head. Her eyes then begin to tear.)

Kiyo: You’re Dying… Every time you use your dad’s power, it makes the life out of your heart.

Shara: I know… and it hurts… (Cringes intensely with pain) It hurts so much I use it! (Tightly grips his shirt and buries her face in it) Not just physically either… (Slightly cries and shivers from the pain) I can literally feel the essence of his life leaving me too when I use his power…

Kiyo: (Empathizes with her) I see. (Hugs her tightly) The will in which you live your life is sourced by the love of your father which fills your heart. His love is your lifeline. And every time you use that love, you give it to other people which makes you feel as though a piece of him is leaving you.

(Shara then cries harder in his chest.)

Kiyo: You not only adopted your father’s legacy, Shara, but- (Makes gently pushes her back to make eye-contact) -you are his legacy- born from him and manifested into the amazing person you are today. Don’t think that you need to hold on to your father’s love and teachings just to keep him alive. Take his love and everything he has taught you and incorporate that into yourself. Learn to live life to the fullest through his positive teachings and he will always be with you. Do not be afraid to let him go cause he is always with you.

Shara: I can’t do that. My father has always been with me my entire life and I can’t stand the thought of him not being around anymore. I can’t accept that.

Kiyo: Then don’t but understand that your father provided, made sacrifices, disciplined, fed you, protected you, and taught you right from wrong because he loves you and only wanted what was best for you. He wanted you to be free from pains and as happy as you could be from the burdens of this world. If you choose to hold on to him for too long, everything he worked so hard to give you and instill in you would have been in vain. You remember him by honoring his memory, never forgetting what he taught you and what the two of you shared, and by living each day with a smile on your face- cherishing the life he tried hard to preserve for you, even if it wasn’t much.

Shara: My father always told me that you never truly know what a story is about, until you get to the very end. (Slightly sucks in her tears) I will not let the end of my father’s story be of grief. As long as I live, I will be his sequel and keep alive the better parts of him. I will always keep my head high and show the world just how great of a man my father was before he died…
January 26th, 2018 at 05:23am