Quick Justice League Review (No Non-Obvious Spoilers)

I just came back from watching the Justice League at the dollar movie and I thought is was amazing. I heard nothing but bad reviews about it but I thought is was great for a superhero movie. The DCEU movies (Man of Steel, BatmanVSuperman, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, Justice League) aren't that great in my opinion but this one I liked. It was faster pace than the other movies but it wasn't so fast that you couldn't understand what was going on. They explained the basic plot right from the start and the rest of the movie was (In my opinion) a perfect blend of the psychology and emotional struggles behind the characters and also the main plot of the movie. The characters each had their own issue going on and they slowly learned to overcome those issues through the movie, however their character development also wasn't shoved in your face. You watch the movie and just enjoy what the movie has to offer. Don't over analyse anything because you will always find flaws if you search for flaws. The action was great, the special effects were great, the fights were awesome. The writing was great and gave off the classic comic book feel at certain moments which is great. No movie is perfect and no movie is meant to be perfect, understand that movies give insight to other realities. Movies may be just fiction but I always look at movies as a new experience and I take what I can learn from them. There's always a deeper meaning to every movie, you've just gotta have a deeper mind to find it.

Anyway hope you enjoyed this quick review and hope you enjoy the movie if you're going to watch it. It wasn't as bad as EVERYONE said it was.
February 12th, 2018 at 06:30am