Lina Talks Color

Hello everyone.

How you doing? I'm good. I'm fine. It's Friday and it's public holiday because of Chinese New Year so no work today woohoo!

Anyway, today I wanna talk about something a little bit sensitive. Eh. Maybe not THAT sensitive but it is an issue that I have with make up companies.

Imma talk about colors.

I am Asian, a Malay. Just so you know there are other Asians aside from Koreans, Chinese and Japanese okay. Pffft. *eye roll*

Anyway, as it is, I am not one of the light-skinned Asians. I'm just browner, tanner, whatever you wanna call it. And for the longest time I HATED it!!! I grew up watching skin care companies selling these whitening products and the commercials all went the same way. The girl was dark skin, nobody would care for her. She used the product, she got significantly fairer and suddenly she was very successful in life. *facepalm* And it messed up with me head! There was a huge chunk of my life where I hated my own skin color and I actually blamed my dad for giving me the dark skin DNA. Sorry dad. Love you though. Eheh.

In Malaysia itself, there are A LOT of local cosmetic companies that would sell all these whitening creams that claim to be able to ya know make you whiter so to speak. This is, these creams usually contain harmful substances like mercury and stuff. And the 'whiteness' that the consumers get after using the creams is one of the side effects. And what angers me most is that people actually still buy those products even with blatant bad side effects to one's health. And these companies are still thriving and there are still distributors who don't care about the well-being of their customers as long as they get the money for selling the products! And these customers are still stupid enough to buy them.

For what? Yep. For whiter skin. Like! WHY?! *facepalm*

I just get super heated everytime I see these products on the shelves and people promoting it. I understand if you were born light-skinned then you get tanner/darker due to sunburn and you use some products to bring back your original complexion color. Yeah whatever. Just be health conscious about the products you're using. But if you were BORN with dark skin, why you wanna go and change it for?!

Also I've seen a lot of Malay MUAs that will use foundations several shades lighter on their dark skin customers and they look ridiculously grey! Stop!


It took me a long time to come to like my own skin color. I used to hate being brown so much. I had a bit of a native tribe blood in me from my dad's side. Also a bit of Indian blood, also from me daddy. So eh. That'w why I am the color that I am. My sister is lighter but she got that from my mom's genetic.

But yeah my point here is: I used to hate my color. I used to glamorize and romanticize all the light-skinned people and I used to think you can only be beautiful if you're light-skin. But I realized how toxic that mentality was. I am still beautiful. My skin glowed golden under sunlight. I have a part of my dad with me. My skin. My color. Why should I go hating it for? Ya know? Ya feel me?

But yeah anyway, that's all my rambling for today.

Until then,

See ya later.

February 16th, 2018 at 05:02am