The Futility of Limitation

The Futility of Limitation

I have never been able to understand the urge of certain people to impose their will upon the minds of others. Not only is it immoral to exert such control over another’s imagination, but it is a completely futile act. Why would you want to do such a thing?

It violates both freedom of speech as well as the pursuit of happiness; which in itself is probably considered such an important right due to its roots in the Nicomachean Ethics. What is referred to as “happiness” in this context is not just a fleeting, superficial mood, but something closer to the word “fulfillment.” (Aristotle’s morality and philosophy strongly lends itself to the coming Christian religion; pursuit of happiness is considered a right “unalienable” - god given).

So how exactly could someone strip another of this right? There are only a few ways I can think of. It would seem that even if someone were being imprisoned, they could still technically pursue happiness in their minds. In my opinion, this right can be truly violated through means of cultural shaming, which we are instinctually driven to avoid.

There are some things which should be culturally shamed, however the morality of our current culture is incredibly — inconceivably — fucked. So we are shamed for the wrong things, stupid things. Most prominently? The pursuit of truth, and much more severely, the expression of truth.

If you express the truth, you must cover it up and sneak it in like you might slip medicine secretly into your child’s breakfast, to secretly insert it into your receivers consciousness. And then you must promptly apologize for revealing the truth, because it is so insensitive to our “”””culture”””” — a System entirely based upon a cesspool of toxic, lethal, ungodly lies.

And you must shame that truth teller, lest you be shamed yourself for NOT shaming the truth. The Overton window continues to be shifted towards insanity — no, towards stupidity. What is a worse sin than truth? Possibly intelligence. But that is because the intelligent are the ones who can see the truth! You can’t find the treasure without the compass after all!

We live in a world where there is nothing worse than being a truth telling smart person. Innovations or imaginative ideas can never be thought of because the intelligent must spend their days making up for the overwhelming shame they experience. Their whole life has to be an apology for their very existence.

But the logical value of this is nothing, which is my point in saying that limitation is futile. The censorship of thought and speech is pointless for the intelligent. Obviously if all ideas come to the light, the truth will become obvious. And there is nothing to fear about that unless you fear the truth!

But of course, herein lies the root. Those who want to censor others do fear the truth. Instinctively, they are aware that the freedom which truth grants will be more like imprisonment for them. The current state of false freedom (forced degeneracy) rewards the undeserved and punishes the good.

What could be scarier than the truth, to someone who’s entire identity is based on lies?

Not to fear-monger, but you can never kill the truth. Truth does not exist in the minds of anyone, not even the intelligent. It is an objective reality, the result of logic. And as long as intelligent people exist, the truth will always be found out. That is why limitation is futile.
February 22nd, 2018 at 08:31am