Super Excited!

As you can tell by the title I'm super excited! I recently finished the fourth season of my Kiyo Nakamoto story! I've been working on it since December 6th of 2016 and today I finally finish it. I haven't felt this happy in I don't know how long. But I'm super excited to finally have it done. It ended at chapter 121; just 23 more chapters to go in season five and I'm done with it. Hopefully it doesn't take me that long to make them. In case you're wondering, Kiyo Nakamoto is a fantasy anime based story. It deals a lot with personal growth, life lessons, actions, spirituality that most series don't explain or get into, adventure, and even more action. The spiritual aspect of the story is told through the action of the story to further give an imaginative visual on what it would be like to manipulate spirit and energy as humans. Anyway, I hope you all decide to read the story! If you like anime or manga, then I'm sure you'll definitely like my Kiyo Nakamoto story! Thanks for reading and have a good night.
February 23rd, 2018 at 03:46am