30 Day Disney: #2 Disney Princesses

Hey everyone,

I was inspired by Hina to do the ‘30 Days of Disney’ blog edition. Since the first question was ‘Favorite Disney Movie’ which I have previously answered here, I’m going to skip straight to the second question.

Favorite Disney Princess

I actually have three, but I find the definition of Disney princess all sorts of confusing. Some believe all Disney ladies are eligible for the title, others say only those in the official line-up designed by Disney are eligible and a different group says it only those of royal status. Luckily, all three of my favorite ladies are of royal descent (or marry into royalty) and thus the discussion ends there, haha.



Growing up, Ariel from The Little Mermaid was my entire world. Her wanderlust and determination was what drew me in as a child. Even now, watching this classic Disney film, I feel drawn to her in a way I cannot explain. I’m utterly against anyone saying she gave up everything for Eric, because she sang about longing to belong to the world of men before she’d ever seen Eric. It wasn’t until Triton ruined her collection and made her entire hobby feel invalid, that she was lured to Ursula and made a deal with her to be with Eric. There’s so much more at play here, haha and I can discuss this until kingdom come, to be honest.



It took me a while to actually give Tangled a chance, and once I did there was no turning back. Rapunzel captured my heart with her spirit and charm, that childlike demeanor but also her determination. The first song she sings, even though it’s very upbeat and catchy, can make me cry during a bad day, as I often times feel stuck in life. There’s just something about her that speaks to me on many levels and I love her.



Growing up I was the odd one out; I liked things that others didn’t understand and was picked on because of it. Beauty and the Beast was very loved among my peers, but I don’t think they ever truly understood what Belle stood for. Belle was the first time I was confronted with a very independent and fiesty role-model (soon after followed by Princess Leia from Star Wars). I didn’t think she influenced me as much as she did, and only now that I am older do I realize just how much I could rely on her and the movie to get me through a bad day. The life-action hit the nail on the head by casting Emma Watson.


She embodied what Belle stands for perfectly, and all of those that claim she couldn’t sing and that this ruined the movie, have clearly not heard how it should sound when people can actually not sing a single note.

Honorable mentions

This is where the waters get a bit muddy, as this woman isn’t ‘officially’ a Disney princess, but as strong female figure in a Disney movies, I do not want to exclude her from any lists.


Esmeralda pulled me through very bad years at school, when I was bullied to the point where I no longer wanted to go to school, crying myself to sleep at night as the words I heard that day echoed in my head. She’s strong, independent and stands up to bullies. I found both strength and weakness in adoring her. Trying to fight against the bullies by keeping my head held high, but also longing for someone to protect me like she did Quasimodo. Now that I am older, and appreciate the story of the Hunchback even more, Esmeralda means the absolute world to me and I want to see her represented more in the parks/media/merchandise.

That was my list, I’ll be back soon with the follow up; My favorite Disney Princes.

Loads of love,
February 25th, 2018 at 11:45pm