I Need a Sugar Daddy

Seriously though. In the past month alone, I've spent so much money. Granted one of them was a plane ticket to San Diego, but still, I bought so much shit it's absurd. And now, we might be planning yet another trip and I keep throwing away income like it's nothing.

Hence, sugar daddy.

This one guy I started talking to a few weeks ago (and then stopped) saw my snap saying I needed one to pay for all my trips and he said "lemme know" and I'm lowkey hoping he isn't kidding lmao. There's also apps to find one and you can explicitly state if you want it to be platonic or not and HIGHKEY thinking of getting it.

Kidding...lol...sort of...

But speaking of trips, the one my friends and I are planning is to DC in the beginning of April because we just spent this past weekend in Salt Lake City and it was so much fun, I miss it already. The five of us haven't been reunited like this since last summer so it was very much needed. If you want to see pictures, check out my Instagram! This trip also marked my return to social media 'cause "take back my life" and all but we have so many pictures I'm probably going to post a lot of them gradually.

But SLC was such a dream y'all, like it snowed on Friday so it blanketed SLC to make it a winter wonderland, and being someone who was born and raised in southern Arizona, I've never experienced that much magic in my life. On Saturday, we did most of the scenic stuff so we went up a mountain that overlooked all of SLC and it was so beautiful. We also ate fancy food and went out to the one bar/club in SLC that night lmao. And on Sunday we went up to Park City to go tubing.

And HOLY SHIT you guys, it was the most fun part of the whole trip. You're basically sitting in a donut and zooming down a mountain. And the five of us went together at the same time like 6 out of the 7 times we went, which made the experience even funnier/more fun. If you ever get the chance, GO TUBING.

I want to try doing that in a river now lol.

But I left on Sunday, which made me the first of us to all leave because I had work and couldn't take time off. But when I got back from work yesterday, I saw a bag of Sprinkles cupcakes sitting by my front door and at first I was like "um who lost their cupcakes???" 'cause who on earth is in my life that would get ME this??? Well the question was answered because it was my best friends! They literally sent cupcakes to me and I almost cried you guys it was the sweetest (no pun intended) thing anyone ever did for me.


So basically, this whole weekend was amazing and now we have to do it again, in DC this time. The beginning of April is the time of the cherry blossoms so I'm hoping I can snag some cheap tickets in time (or get that guy to buy them for me LOL).

Before I finally get back to work, has anyone seen the show Queer Eye? We started it this weekend and it's literally one of the most wholesome shows I've ever seen and I'm salty there's only 8 episodes. We need like 100. If you haven't seen it, GO WATCH IT. It'll probably change your life and also keep tissues handy, you might cry!!

Oh and also, I still have my Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows contest still going and got the lovely Sam to co-judge it with me, so join if you'd like!

February 27th, 2018 at 04:51pm