Plagiarism (ish)? For My Story New Story Need Advice

So first I'd like to say light spoiler alerts for Dragon Ball Super for anyone who may be watching that.

I was recently thinking of publishing my Kiyo Nakamoto story.It was a fantasy anime based story. Anyway I noticed that I made 5 story arcs but so does Dragon Ball super. My first and the first season of Super were different, but season 2 of my story and Super both revolved around the same plot. The 3rd season of my story was a tournament and the same went for Dragon Ball Super's Universe 6 Tournament Arc. Then my fourth season and the Goku Black Saga both revolved around the exact same story and plot. The plans I have for the 5th season are basically the same for the last arc of Dragon Ball Super. I find this very, very odd that my story followed the same story as a huge anime that is already published and my story arcs are in the same order as Super. I started writing this story way before Super was ever made or even announced. So obviously I didn't subconsciously copy this major series. Anyway, I'm worried that this story can no longer be published now do to the similarities between the two. I'm hoping someone could help give me some advice on the subject or tell me it is possible for me to publish it.
March 5th, 2018 at 06:43pm