I'm Excited

BECAUSE I got super inspired and wrote a chapter of Wonderland all in one day yesterday and I outlined all (but one chapter) of Where the Sycamore Grow. Go me!

But I'm really excited about this. Honestly this is the most productive I've been in 2 years, even with just writing Wonderland alone, I wrote all those chapters in a span of 3 months which is a huge feat 'cause before, it would be like 1 chapter every 6 months soooooo real proud of myself.

In case anyone is like "who the fuck" about this blog and my stories, let me enlighten you lol.

Wonderland is about two families, the Shaws and the Summerfields, of different backgrounds coming together after a fire burns down the Summerfield's home and the relationships they build in the midst of their differences. The focus is Elias Shaw and Athena Summerfield but their siblings are big supporting characters. I wanted this story to have layers and address issues that have always been a problem, even in the 70s (like classism/racism/homophobia/etc).

Where the Sycamore Grow is going to be a short story (less than 10 chapters, if that counts) about a boy named Patrick Finnegan who gets taken in by Xavier Bates, a popular and rather broody jock at his school, after he gets abused by his father. Hopefully I can write this in between Wonderland and get it done, it's not meant to be long. Just dramatic and tbh cute lol.

So check them out if they interest you in any way :)

On top of being excited about productivity, I booked my trip to DC so that's officially happening in the beginning of April! And San Diego is at the end of April (for my birthday)! And then my friend asked me to go to either Cuba or Puerto Rico over the summer with her! At first I was like, ok but do I have the money tho, and then my dad was like DON'T WASTE VACATION DAYS #CHINA2K19 (not really he doesn't know hashtags) but I basically have to save a few days for my brother's wedding in China in 2019 but it actually doesn't matter as much since you're constantly accumulating days. But my brother actually offered to buy my ticket to whichever island we go to 'cause he missed my graduation and promised to buy me a trip! We were originally going to go to South America together in December but it ended up not happening SO I'm pretty sure this will, especially since it'll only be a few days (like as much as my Cabo trip was).

BUT I'M SO EXCITED I can't wait.

Also while I'm still here, I got my social media back so follow me on Instagram at raveenaalam and/or Snapchat at raveeeeena (5 e's lol).

This entire blog has been a shameless plug and I'm sorry but I've a ton of energy rn. I hope you're all doin' well! Tell me about your lives while I'm so bored at work lol <3
March 6th, 2018 at 06:07pm