Extensive List of Story Recommendations

I've seen quite a few people asking for story recs, so I thought I'd throw a few of my absolute favorite stories out there into one giant blog, especially ones that I feel deserve so much more recognition. Quite a few stories are old and the authors are probably long gone from the site, but they left behind some gems that could provide an interesting read.

Feel free to comment and recommend stories that aren't on here, and I'll be more than happy to give them a look!

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By aliens.

Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit
Casimir just wants to be free, Ryder and Julian want to help him.

By andrew minyard

An Ocean of Blood
She knew him well. She knew him not at all.

Like water through my fingers, she was there and then she wasn't.

The World With Nothing in It
I loved her in the destruction of it all—dark and gritty and heartbreaking.

By Charlie Sheen

We could've been great, doll.

By dawn of light

Genetic Design for Dying
Once Raveena spots Myles (AKA that cute futuristic guy), there's no turning back. Once Azaria lands a trip to the police station, there's no turning back. Raveena and Azaria may have just ruined their future.

I remember the way Kian almost had a little taste of my lips—and I know that itself will be a memory stuck in my head for who knows how long.

The Dizygotic Killer
My motto: kill by twos. Or if you're feeling ambitious, kill one twin to make the other rot inside.

By ebrietas

Cathedral of Lovers
It is the colour in your throat, as you swallow your pride and kiss him for the first time.

By geneva

Mind Suicide
He likes the hollow feeling and the visible lines of his ribs. He likes control.

By ichor

How to Cure Pain
A step-by-step guide.

In The Bed of a Two A.M. Lover

By nearly witches.

Tommy Guns
Being gay in Nazi Germany was a crime punishable by death, but they didn't care.

By occulta.

Rokitansky’s Method
She tattooed a 'y' on her chest with baseball stitches.

By PoeticMess.

The Trajectory of Planes
When I look up I am reminded of two things: 1) this sky is not blue, and 2) I found a world where no one could go.

By puke

A Reverse Chronological Portrait Written by a Young Girl
Short version

A Reverse Chronological Portrait Written by a Young Girl
Expanded version

By richie tozier

You think that I'm the victim.

By rust cohle

Blut und Boden
Those to whom evil is done do evil in return.

By saeglopur

Welcome Noah, We Missed You
I realized then that life was this gentle wisp of nothingness.

By Sloan.

There is something wrong here.

Haunting Grey
People become lost in those woods; some find their way out, but others aren't as lucky.

The Fisher Killer
The town of Fox Hollow has a killer in its midst.

What She Found
You never really know a person.

By swell

Where the Wind Takes Us
There's no worse feeling than being in love with someone who doesn't love you back. Especially if it's with your best friend.

By the dalliance.

Somewhere Between Living and Dead
He said I was stunning and like all things new and shiny, tarnish soon sets in.

* Chapters are not posted anymore, but How Willow Died and Carcass deserve a special shoutout because they were amazing and I feel terrible for those who never got a chance to read them
March 15th, 2018 at 09:20pm