In Which Alex Dreams About an Affair With Her Supervisor

Let me begin by stating clearly that I have a boyfriend that I am incredibly happy with and I’m happy enough with my life as it is (damn you depression).

Let me also state that my supervisor is only a couple years older than me and has a wife and two kids. Very pretty, all three of them.

So imagine how I felt when dream me was like yeah, I’m so down for this.


@dreamself: don’t

Listen, guys, I get it. This supervisor has the smile of a god. It’s as bright as Apollo pulling the sun chariot in the morning. Imagine the smile of Adonis, and that’s this smile. When he smiles at you, it’s like all of your problems melt away. Like you guys are sharing a secret that no one else knows. Like he personally wants you to have the greatest day you could possibly have.

(I’m totally guilty of asking about his kids so I can see this smile.)

And dream me P E R F E C T L Y recreated this smile. This little shared smile between us because we were canoodling at work even though he has a wife!! And kids!!!

And dream me was like, maybe we shouldn’t do this at work? And he smiled that damn smile and kissed me and walked away like nothing happened.

And real life me woke up and was just like, ??????????????

Dream me was not dating my boyfriend. So there’s that, I guess? At least when my dreamself is homewrecking, it’s not homewrecking two homes at once?

@dreamself: can you not.
March 20th, 2018 at 11:48pm