Attack On Titan Review (With Spoilers)

I heard a lot of good things about Attack on Titan before watching it from many different people, so I decided to go ahead and watch it finally not too long ago. I have to say I did not like it. The main character yelled and whined all the time and demanded the viewer's attention through his constant shouting and complaining. Mikasa was okay at first because she was the cool level-headed one. The last few episodes of the season revolved around a chase for Eren. The Female Titan went for her Eren and eventually got him but Mikasa's feelings got in the way and she persisted to get Eren back. As a writer and a viewer, I felt ripped off because The Female Titan obviously didn't want to kill Eren so I wanted to know what she wanted with him. Where was the plot of the story going? A bunch of soldiers died at the end of the season, only because they attacked the Female Titan first. She had nothing against them. I think it's stupid that soldiers who were so afraid of titans decide to purposely chase the one that wasn't trying to kill them. I felt those deaths were unnecessary. The last few episodes just felt like a waste.

Season 2:

I really didn't like season two cause the characters made really dumb emotional decisions in my opinion that slowed the progression of the series plot as a whole. Mikasa let her personal feelings get in the way like usual and disrupted the flow of the series plot. Eren somehow was able to defeat the Armored Titan which I felt was plot convenience. Then the second half of the second season was the same as the first. Soldiers died. We lost a main character, there was a long chase between the soldiers and the titans for Eren. The ending of season two was the exact same as the ending for season 1 and had the same outcome. I felt really ripped off about that.

In my personal opinion:

Obviously these titans want Eren alive. Why doesn't he just go with the titans? These titans are obviously gonna keep coming back over and over again until they get him and the more he resists, the more people die for him. Not only that, they know how to use their power, if he went with them, he could learn how to control his power. If people can turn into titans, maybe the titans can help cross that into the human survivors and save humanity. Even if they can't, it's something worth thinking about in my opinion. I just don;t like how the plot of the show is being stretched out so much when it didn't have to be. The show just bugs me and the characters just bug me as a reader and as a viewer. I apologize that this is so negative, I'm not a negative person, it's just how I feel about the anime and it's very rare that I dislike something.
March 25th, 2018 at 03:20am