Name Change // Update

Hey, guys!

My last blog was...dramatic. Overly, overly, overly dramatic. I was really emotional at the time, but who can blame me? When a parent easily just stops communicating with you over such a material thing Anyway, my dad is still not talking to me. I'm still dating Daniel.

My dad is stubborn, but so am I.

Daniel (and I'm sure everyone else too) thinks I'm not exposing all my feelings about the manner, but I really just can't compromise on this issue. I'm not going to compromise my personal happiness just because it goes against my father's "wishes."

That's all.

In other news, as you can tell, I changed my name! I keep saying I'm going to make new blog layouts, but I'm so lazy with graphic designing. So I keep going back to the same 2-4 ones in rotation. I like this one a lot, though. It's simple but really cool/pretty. Feels like it goes with the name/theme. I wanna change my signature, too, but I'm not sure to what yet.

I may change my user back to divine; but it honestly doesn't matter. I feel like such a nobody on this site it truly does not matter what my name is.

I really wanna get back into writing. I know, I say this in like every blog. I just have like no motivation. I made a banner for a story I wanna write a while back and just...nothing. Not motivation. No new ideas. I don't wanna say there's no fire because there is, but it's like...a simmer. Slow, steady. Keeps you warm but it's not really going anywhere. I just really wish I could have like a dope ass dream or see a beautiful image and just be like "YES!" and get the motivation.


Other than that, there really isn't much going on in my life. Besides my dad thing, everything is really good. Really stable. I'm at the point in the semester where I'm just like over it. Nothing I do will dramatically change my grades unless I dramatically change one way or the other...which probably won't happen. I'm not exactly ready to go home, God no, but I wouldn't be mad if this semester finished itself.

My birthday is in *checks* 25 days! I'll be 21! I'm super excited. I'm one of those people who once the month hits, it's my birthday lol. Good things should happen to me all of April, it's my birthday! I'm an Aries! Aries-Taurus cusp if you believe in those at that! So the whole month is truly for me.

I already told my friends to mark their calendars, I have my eyes on this simple, but cute, dress from Forever 21. I'm drinking from the Wednesday of my birthday on lol. I can buy my own shit! I already have my eyes on this cider rosé that's made up here that I'm already claiming to be my spring/summer drink of choice.

I wanna reinvent the energy of #ThotfulSummer2K17 minus the thottin' and boppin'. Just the carefree, self-assured, slightly arrogant, always cheeky and witty and glowy and not fully sober vibe this summer.

I'm calling it. Rosé and maxi dresses are the wave.

Can you tell I'm ready for warm weather?

Oh! I also "cut" my hair. Literally and not-so literally. I've been wearing clip-in extensions for like over a year of my life. Pretty much every single time I was out in public for more than 10 minutes. I loved the length and fullness. Hated the maintenance, the hit-or-miss hair quality, and most of all...breakage. I just got tired of the look and decided to go with my natural length which was this weird lob length with a REALLY long back layer. My roommate evened it out and I'm feeling it. I'm trying to grow my hair out now with the goal being Olivia Munn's current length. It's a lob. So like near armpit length.

Honestly, my hair is growing really fast. I feel like having a mostly "natural" hair routine that is super moisturizing and relying on castor oil has been helping a lot. It's no joke when people say don't use sulfates on your hair, it's a game changer. No sulfates and a good heat protector if you use heat on your hair (which I do weekly). Small, but major difference.

I should honestly take a photo but I haven't had a day where I'm like "damn! I'm cute!" and my camera agrees. Soooo...when that happens I'll show y'all.

I don't even have a formal photo of my boyfriend and I. The closest one I have is like some casual sideshot of us on Valentine's day. That's gotta change.

Okay, I'm rambling...I'm gonna shut up now.

March 25th, 2018 at 05:07am