Queen's Blade Anime Review (Minor Season 2 Spoiler)

Queen's Blade is truly an amazing anime! I was introduced to the show years ago and the nudity really bothered me so I decided not to watch it. I wasn't interested in shows like that. Back in early February or late January, I bought the series for a friend for his birthday and sadly after I bought them, he said he didn't want them but I'm glad he was honest. Anyway the series was pretty good and had an amazing message to it. The main character Leina was a rookie but she entered the queen's blade tournament for whatever reason... Unfortunately I forgot why, but anyway , the series really brought out the different strengths and tribulations women of different backgrounds have to go through on a psychological level. Every woman cam from a harsh background but they all had unique strengths within them that made them strong. Leina learned that the greatest strength a woman can have is her heart. Leina always remained true to herself, she was strong and she was confident and she allowed herself to take on the burdens of the people around her, whether they be friend or enemy. By the end of the series, she was able to use the strengths of all her friends and the people she fought in the series because she learned how to empathize with their pains. This show is not just an action backed, well told, creative, unique anime. It is always a story that can change your life if you look deep beyond the boobs and into the heart of what the show has to offer lol.

I hope you enjoyed this and I recommend Queen's Blade a 10. Perhaps maybe 9 if you take the nudity out lol. Hope this message finds you in great health. Have a great night :)
March 25th, 2018 at 06:12am