What Is Christ Consciousness? What Is God? Secrets of the World and the Universe - What Is God?

For those of you who have ever heard this term before, I wanna help sort of bring light to what it is. I understand this is a writing blog but something is strongly urging me to flush out things on my mind tonight for some reason. To not get deep of philosophical, I'm going to make this short and simple and start off with-

What is God and what is the difference between God and "god"?

This universe is based on a few major concepts, such as Karma, Ego, Frequency, Vibration, Elements, and Energy. God is basically the energy of this world and beyond. Before anything was created, there was energy in existence and that was "God source". However, the energy of god source you could say developed a personality and that personality was called "God. The reason why "God" seems like an egoiestic being is because the word God gives persona to the universe. The universe is the essence of what God is and the word "god" is just the egoistic persona of the universe and a labeled name. But they are the same thing. Now, "God" became the creator of all egos and the great uniter. (Ego means to give personality or importance to) He gave certain forms of energy egos and gave them different names abilities and tasks. These egos are what we call planets, sun, moon, supernovas, stars, black holes. plants, ETC. Everything physical in this world is made from ego consciousness and that is what makes it "physical". Now everything in this world contains the same exact source and that source is energy. What god did is he used his greatest gift to unite energy together in various ways to create different things in this world. That gift was called Love. Love energy is unity energy and it is what holds everything in this universe together and stops it from collapsing. Now Love energy creates and it transforms and it bonds. It is divine unity. (Our human understanding of love is nowhere close to how powerful love actually is...) Now, to simply everything I just said, God is love, god is unity, and god is energy. god is the life line of the universe, the trees, that plants, the soul of every individual, the spirit of the animals, the vibrations of nature itself. God is everything.

The life force of a dog is no different than that of a human. It is no different then that of an insect or even a plant. It is all alive. The only difference, is the physical bodies we each individual creature has. But we are all the same on the inside. Universal ego consciousness is what creates separation of all physical forms and beings and remember that ego consciousness of the universe is the figure "God" the universal intelligence. Remember that we are all one... we are all "heT neO"

What would you like to learn in part 2? Let me know in the comments. This isn't philosophy and its not meant to be a debatable subject. Question it and learn from it.
March 25th, 2018 at 07:02am