What is Christ Consciousness? 2/10

What is Christ Consciousness?

God is a force of the universe who cares and love all species. They are all birthed from him. The universe will always create balance where there is chaos and pain, but only those with a vast mindset and wide heart can see it. The old testament in the bible talked a lot about slavery. Beating slaves, selling slaves, murder, marrying your rapist, things that seem very disgusting and cruel.

People do not understand that the bible was written to balance out the current lifestyle of where man was a species. God said many cruel things in the old testament of the bible but that was only for the slavery generation or era of humanity. The new testament is used to help balance issues that we're dealing with now in a new era of humanity. The bible is not meant to be taken literally because only those with a discerning spirit can decode the analogies of the bible. I can use a hypothetical example but if I did, I risk people trying to attack the statement instead for learning the lesson behind so I will not use an example. Christ was a form of universal consciousness that exist in the universe. Jesus was the first person born with this form of universal consciousness. Jesus was a messengers for humanity to help us live a better life with our limited understand. In the bible it is stated that God himself does not like religion. Religion is a man-made concept. God's message to the world is a message of love and it a message of discerning. God wanted his message to be a state of living, he did not want it to be a labeled concept for society, however, different belief systems already existed in the world, and therefore, God's message had to be labeled a religion in order to fit the standards of everyday society. God understood that and worked with the functions of society to help us live better lives through our understanding. God sent us Jesus and gifted Jesus with the holy spirit known as Christ so that our world because he loved us. That is what the holy spirit is supposed to be- love for humanity... gift from god. God has had many different individuals who he gave different forms of consciousness and messages to for the world. These are called the ascended masters. The most known ones are Jesus, Budda, and Gandhi. Serepis from Egypt may have possibly been one as well. All of these different religions of the world were different points of views from god's mind set on how we can live peaceful lives, but it was man who separated these into different religions. The word Christian is not so much a belief system, but a species... Buddist, "Jewish", Illuminatos, Shaman. These are spiritual species, but humans have labeled them religion. Christians are the species of Christ consciousness. However, we are still human and fear takes over our hearts and when we are afraid and confused, we limit our understanding and we act out in violent ways. You're not a Christian just because you say you are or because of your beliefs. You are Christian by the way you treat people and how much you give and love the world. Christian is a mindset, not a belief...

Going in Deeper-

As I've explained in the last blog, god is basically the universe or universal intelligence. The universe has different levels on consciousness. Consciousness is a state of awareness. Consciousness is the realm which reality is both perceived and created. What you take in and how you take it in. Have you ever listened to a song that was amazing when you were younger, then you listen to it now you're like... "well this is garbage." Or have you watched a movie and you think it's amazing but your friend next to you said it sucked? Maybe you've even watched a movie once then watched it a second time and have gotten a completely different experience out of it. It is because of your current state of consciousness at the time you experienced those things. Now different animals and species have different states of mind or consciousness. The difference in state of mind governs the outcome of which something is expressed here in the physical world. That includes body language, emotional expression, thoughts and even the way you treat others and yourself.

Now love is a destructive force and when we don't know how to feel it, we creates egoistic blocks and structures in our hearts which cause us to breed hatred, insecurities, false justice, pain, misery, and even confusion. We invite the concept of the devil mentality into your hearts when we do not understand our hearts. You must always be honest with yourself and your heart when seeking god because you have to give god your heart if you want him to change it... You have to give your car to the garage if you want them to fix it. You have to give your phone to the store if want an upgrade. All God wants is for you to give him a chance and give him your heart so he can heal it. And I am not speaking from any religious point of view and I am not preaching to become any religion. You do not need religion to find love in your heart. Religion just helps you understand from a simplified point of view what we can do to live better loving lives. I am simply telling you this to help understand more about what love is, who Christ is, and what god wants.

For my last message I will say this... Jesus was the first to download Christ Consciousness, but the spirit of Christ exists in us all, We just need to unlock it... Hope this finds you in great health.
March 27th, 2018 at 10:17pm