Kiyo Nakamoto Quick Summary Chapters 1 - 6

Kiyo Nakamoto was a young boy who was attacked, along with his parents, at their home hidden from civilization. The ones responsible for the attack unfortunately ends the lives of the boy's parents and he spends the next 10 years of his life training to get revenge for his parents.

Chapter Two: Kiyo's grandfather is suddenly attacked and a note is left with him by an infamous tyrant known as Kaji who threatens to destroy Kiyo's village if he does not surrender himself to his authority and agree to be executed do to his ability to control fire. As the villages protector, Kiyo to travel to the next town to find weapons for his village so they may protect themselves as he makes the decision to find Kaji and fight him head on. Meanwhile, a young boy and an old lady are attacked in the forest by a suspicious man who can control the wind, teleport, and even create meteors.

Chapter Three: Kiyo begins his journey to the next town but he suddenly finds himself in a large underground tunnel. He finds a lost family in the tunnels and a large snake trying to devour them. As he steps in to fight, he finds out that the snake is actually a person with the ability to shape shift into any animal and alter its size. Meanwhile, a young woman is attacked by a female assassin who works for the tyrant Kaji. The two battle it out but the woman is blinded and the Assassin escapes.

Chapter Four: Kiyo finally makes it to Seigen Town and meets with the boy from the forest and the girl who was blinded. The girl's eyes are healed by a mysterious masked woman.

Chapter Five - Six: Kiyo meets up with the woman who was blinded and the young boy from the forest, who's name is Eli. Kiyo realizes that the woman is Kioymi, his long lost sister from childhood. The mayor of the town is forcing the people into slavery and executes those who disobeys him. Kiyo, Kiyomi, and Eli join forces to defeat the tyrant and transfer his weapons to Kiyo's village so they may be safe.
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