Symptoms You All Might Be Feeling

You all may be feeling a bit bored, alone, and possibly empty inside. Your habits healthy or unhealthy may be persisting in your life. Now is a good time to start pursuing what you want out of life and really going for what will make you feel at peace. You're probably feeling like your path is clearing up not for what you wanna do in life. I think something big is coming and I can feel it. All of you reading this blog, just always remember what's important to you and your life's mission. Always smile through the hard times and understand that the hard times are only as bad as you make them. Try to focus more on what you want in life and what's gonna make you feel whole. Forgive, Love, Live... Always remember that... If you're feeling like you wanna make new changes, go for it. The reality of death his me a bit harder than usual the other day and I realize that life's too short not to cherish those people who you love and care for the most. Show them you appreciate them... I love you all and I hope you stay safe.

And lastly, you all might be feeling foggy, exhausted and tired. You thoughts and communication skills probably weren't all that good and you probably haven't been able to focus very much on anything. If you're feeling those things or if you've been over sleeping it's ok. That's normal.
April 11th, 2018 at 09:17am