It's Been a While + Mental Health Diagnosis + Writing Again

So, it's been a while, am I right? No one on here remembers who I am, porbably but that's okay. I dropped off the face of the earth and did absolutely nothing. I've been trying my hardest to finally get to a therapist and get help but I put t off for almost an entire year because I was afraid of what they were going to tell me, so I just shut myself off from the word.

I finally got to a therapist though, and after the initial interview and all of the questions they asked me, my therapist that he is almost certain that I had Dissociative Identity Disorder and Schizophrenia which really scares me? I kind of already knew about the DID aspect and was failing at handling it but, the Schizophrenia aspect is something I have no knowledge about. When I told my mother the diagnosis, she then thought it was the time to tell me that my father had the same diagnosis. I'm kind of terrified and I don't know what to do since I'll soon be on an antipsychotic medication and I don't know how I'll be able to work or do much of anything other than sleep and be a vegetable since my body doesn't really handle the heavy antipsychotics and antidepressants very well. I have hope but, I'm still a bit scared by it all.

Also, now that all of that weird stuff is out of the way, I have been writing again and I'm trying to get into the fantasy genre since it's what I read most. It's been fun so far but I know I'm going to struggle a bit at first xD. I just hope that I'll be able to write something worth posting haha. We'll see what happens I suppose.

I'm getting really exhausted right now so I'm gonna make myself go to bed before I pass out at the keyboard. Goodnight everyone! I hope your night is as fantastic as you need it to be.

Love, Allie.
April 25th, 2018 at 10:46am