Spam and Lag?

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So, I just wanted to touch up on something that’s been apparent on this site in the past few days: lag! Yes, the servers have been running really slowly, and I’m talking slower than usual, and yes, it sucks, I totally get it. However, I feel like an explanation is in order, so here goes.

A lot of you, and I’m talking like, the vast majority, have probably had a dodgy inbox message over the past week or so, from a user you weren’t familiar with, containing an inactive link that you would have to copy and paste into your browser for it to do some damage, so I’m just gonna put this out there: If unopened, this link will not affect your computer software, your accounts, or passwords.

It’s because of the influx of spammers that Mibba’s servers have been running very slowly. However, I’ve noticed that the site is running the smoothest it has been in the past seven days. However, if you do get a spammer in your inbox, there’s a thread to report them, and it’s over here: Reporting Spammers.

A good thing to do is clear your cache and cookies, too. Please be aware that this signs you out of every website you’re signed into. Also, if you’re not receiving e-mails from Mibba, whether it be for updates or messages, please check the spam folder in your inboxes. That’s where I found mine…

ANYWAY, I totally understand the frustration, and Dujo has been e-mailed to help sort things out. But now it’s your turn to understand there’s only ONE active admin (AKA, the one with the power to ban people) around at the moment, and she’s working her damned hardest to get rid of these bots, until Dujo comes in and helps sort things out. By the speed of the site today, I think he’s already started to lend a hand.

Hopefully, my next blog will be a little more positive!
See you soon.

Effy. ♡
May 13th, 2018 at 11:10pm