Tremors 6: Cold Day in Hell Review (No Spoilers)

Now I love the Tremors series, especially the first one! The next few after that were okay and I'd watch 1- 3 all day over and over again. The 5th one was okay but better than 4 in my opinion, but anyway this new Tremors that came out on DVD was cold! I loved it. The characters had their own unique personalities, the chemistry was great with the characters and it had more action in it then many of the previous installments in my opinion. It definitely had more gore to it, it was humorous, but still enjoyable. It had emotional elements toward the end which was nice to see in a Tremors movie. Burt's character definitely went through some new mental challenges in this one. There were ALOT of Easter Eggs and references from the first Tremors movies and many of the characters from the first movie were mentioned so that kinda gave illusion of incorporating vibes from the first film. It was an awesome installment in the Tremors series and I would rate it maybe 3rd or 4th place in franchise favorites. Definitely go watch it if you like Tremors or even if you don't. Thumbs up!
May 18th, 2018 at 04:45am