What Is The Point?

What is the point?! Really there isn't one. Everything in life can be seen as pointless but it is up to you to give meaning to everything you do an accomplish in this life. True happiness is within and always remember to do everything in this life with love and take every experience with a positive lesson no matter what. Everything you do in life may sometimes be undone but always remember to take lessons while your efforts are still in progress. Situation are always momentary but Lessons last forever in spirit. Life really has no point until you give your own life one. Life is too vast to try and fully figure out. Live and enjoy life as best you can and always remember to love and accept one another no matter what. Love and acceptance is what we need help one another.

Lastly, be a co-creator of your life. Become the person you want to be in this world and life will give you what you need to sustain the person you wish to become. Do not be afraid to take healthy risks. But also don't make foolish ones. Hope this finds you in great health. Have a great night everyone and remember to keep your head up!

Writing is one of the most powerful methods of teaching, learning, and communicating. Understand that your writing can mold even the hardest of clay just as long as you have the right materials...
May 20th, 2018 at 07:09am