Deadpool 2 Movie Review (Low Spoilers)

Deadpool is a funny super hero movie but has some serious themes behind it. It was a great movie and I personally enjoyed it better than the first one, although that could be debatable among the audience. Anyway the second Deadpool had a lot of funny moments in it of course and the action was much more explosive that the first. The CGI stood out to me a bit too much but it did not ruin my experience in the movie. It was very emotionally in depth, great action, great character development. The movie took you to so many different places between family, the prison, orphanage, and many other places. It had a strong heart to it. But there was an overuse of the F-word for my personal taste. The cast of characters were perfect and it was nice seeing Deadpool with a couple homies. The movie is definitely good in my book.
May 23rd, 2018 at 07:40am