God it’s been forever since I’ve written a blog. I’ve been meaning to write one for a while – an update blog of sorts – but it comes across as a little uh, self-indulgent? Self-obsessed? Self-something idk the word I’m looking for here but I’m looking for a way to procrastinate and it feels like forever since I’ve posted anything on here so here we go:

1) SCHOOL – I’m in my second year of Masters in Criminology and Justice – I have a paper due next week and a final test but that’s online, which I’m stressed out about bc even though I have a week to do both, I keep procrastinating and gd I wish I could get my head in the game. But I think after I post this I’ll go ahead and start writing up my essay since I’ve banned myself from leaving the house unless it’s for gym or work until uni is done for the semester, ie next Friday. So there’s that.

2) WORK – is work, not much to say. So I’m duty manager ie 3rd in charge and everyone likes me and we get along well and shit’s great. Except for one guy, who thinks he’s above me and has even talked shit about my DM skills to another worker – one of the gals who I get along with p well. At first I thought it was just banter, but me and another co-worker has noticed that he doesn’t listen to us and I genuinely think it’s because we’re women. The other co-worker I can get not listening to because they’re at the same level so he might feel like he doesn’t need to per say (still think he’s being shitty, though) but to not listen to superior? BRUH. I’ve been working here for 5 years. I may be slow, but I work hard and that’s more than I can say for his laziness / shitty attitude. I have reported it to my managers, so we’ll see how it goes from here on out.

3) FRIENDS – good, for the most part. No drama as of recently so that’s nice! We’re going strong.

4) BOYS – after almost 3 years of being single, I have finally met someone. He’s from tinder (what a surprise) and it’s been a bit over a month and we’re already official. That’s relatively fast for me since I am so not the type of person to a) give up single life willingly and b) move quick but I also know what I want pretty quickly but I don’t always act on it, so. It’s not fb official yet but I have posted him on my insta (@alexnav_) if you’re interested. He’s taller than me, very cute, we get along well, he’s not usually someone I’d go for as he’s quite shy and reserved but I like that. We balance each other out, since I’ve come out of my shell a bit more and become more outgoing and whatnot. Plus it actually feels like a healthy relationship this time and that’s the nicest feeling, honestly. From the first time we met I got the sense that was a good egg, and so far he’s done aight. I also knew something was going to happen – we just had this natural chemistry but it’s unlike what I’ve had in the past, which were more sexually driven. Plus he has a beard and tattoos and yes oh lord jesus Christ I am here for it. I’ve already met his family and friends and dogs and he’s met my friend once but she was moody so that doesn’t count and I think for the most part they like me so that’s good!! His dogs are cool too, one of them is absolutely in love with me and I feel the same way. She’s great even though she tries to lick my face when I have makeup on.

And that’s it really! Gym, work, uni and friends and now new boy keep me pretty busy and off Mibba but during uni time anyways I don’t really have time to get on consistently. I’d love to come back to writing at some point – maybe after I finish uni next week – but we’ll see what happens. No promises, since I’m apparently the worst at keeping them (oops).

How’s life treating everyone else?
May 24th, 2018 at 10:04am