I Adopted a Dog!

I was gonna talk about life but who the fuck cares about that when I ADOPTED A DOG. I did it on Sunday. I actually went to the shelter on Saturday with my best friend and played with him, but they were about to close, so I couldn't adopt. I went in as soon as they opened on Sunday and went for it. Good thing I went when I did too because these three guys came in ten minutes after me asking to adopt him lol. But I'm so glad I beat them to it because let me tell you, he's the goodest boy ever.

His name is Ramen and he's a chihuahua corgi mix (a chigi if you will). He's a year and a half and apparently was a stray his whole life until me. Apparently. He's so cuddly and sweet, all he wants to do is say hi to everyone and sleep on you.

Though, yesterday he destroyed my shoes so now I have to crate train him, but he's so great. He's slowly getting acclimated but I did sign him up for training classes at Petsmart so we can get some commands down and so he can make some friends. He's such a social lil dude, he needs friends other than me lmao.

And today, he went up and down the stairs, I was such a proud mama. He couldn't do it these first few days, he was too scared so I kept having to carry him lmao. But enticing him with treats every step really is the way to go. Now we gotta work on doing the same with the car lmao.

I have no clue how he's like with Mochi tbh bc poor lil thing is in quarantine from him because she has a bacterial infection and because he hasn't had a vet visit yet, they could potentially transmit stuff to each other. But the first day I got him, I left her on the counter and neither of them noticed each other, which is surprising because Mochi (and so does he, actually) has a fabulous sense of smell lmao. So I'm hoping it'll be okay.

ANYWAYS, here's pics and a gif 'cause apparently you can do that on Tumblr now lmao.



Really hope these work. IF NOT, you can follow my snapchat (@raveeeeena) or twitter (@hopelessrav). I've been posting snaps like every day 'cause I can't resist. Hehe.

Anyways, they're setting out a ton of food for my coworkers retirement party, so I'm gonna go devour all of it lol. See ya later! <3
May 30th, 2018 at 06:59pm