Show Dogs Movie Review

Show Dogs was a funny movie about a a undercover dog who teams up with a FBI/Detective agent who enter a show dog competition to uncover a criminal conspiracy involving the smuggling of a baby panda. It was a comedy movie and it was awesome to watch. It was a classic family movie and it was a live action movie with very little CGI. I recommend watching it. Its fun with another person and don't take the movie seriously if you want to enjoy it. Just watch it and enjoy what it has to offer. No matter how different other people's lives are, we all struggle with our own walks as individuals and we struggle to maintain our lifestyles. Never look down on another person's life cause they may be struggling to achieve nothing and you can be putting in very little to no effort and have everything you could possibly need in your life. Everyone has a different role in life and there roles need to always be respected even if you do not understand it from their point of view.

Anyway sorry if this blog wasn't too great; I've been sitting on this for 2 days now and I had to get it over with. I may copy and paste this review in the Review section of Mibba when I'm not so tired. Anyway I hope you enjoy the movie if you decide to watch it. Memorable voice actors of the movie are Ludacris, Rupaul ,and "Fluffy" the comedian. Shay O' Neal also lent his voice as well.
May 31st, 2018 at 09:00pm