Solo: A Star-Wars Story Movie Review

The movie was fun an adventurous, It was different from what I'm used to watching it but it's always nice experiencing something new right? The score was alright and the story was like a classic morally gray story. It wasn't a fantastic movie but it's something to watch to pass the time. It didn't have any Jedi fights or mind tricks so don't expect any of that. It was more of a honor among thieves; heist sort of movie. Han is a trouble maker forced to live as a thief in order to get his freedom and save a woman who he loves but he gets caught up with a notorious faction and he and his new group of criminals have to steal rare components for them. It was fun but it didn't keep my attention. If you're into Star-Wars, you won't be too amazed by this movie at all but you may be a bit nostalgic about the Easter Eggs and surprise cameo in the movie.
June 1st, 2018 at 07:13am