This Is a Long Shot

Hey guys! I have put it on EVERY social media I have except here, but my 7 year old cousin is in end-stage kidney failure. His kidneys are currently functioning at 7% and he's #2 on the transplant list but so far we've had no luck. Kidney Disease is something that has affected my family for a long time; it killed my mother four years ago at 48.

Peyton was born two months early and was born with Chronic Kidney Failure. They are surprised that his kidneys have lasted this long. He has failure to thrive and is the size of a three or four year old but he is the sweetest little boy on the planet. You can read his story here and here

He has Type A blood, meaning he can receive from type A or type O. If you or anyone you know would be interested in donating please call Riley Hospital for Children at IU Heath, Transplant at 317.944.4370. Ask for Charlotte and inform her that you are interested in donating for Peyton Hammons.

If anything, could you help spread the word?
June 3rd, 2018 at 06:52am