Detroit: Become Human Review

In 2012, Quantic Dream/ Sony released a video demo about a female android being assembled in a small futuristic room. The guy in charge of testing the "products" asked her routine questions. The female machine gave human like responses and it the man asking the questions labeled her as defective and tore her apart. She expressed a great deal of fear and the man felt empathy for her and reassembled her body again. She promised not to tell anyone that she is alive and the man sent her out on the line to get sold.

Well now in 2018, the writer of that video has finally made a full on video game about that concept video. The video game is Detroit: Become Human and like the two games that have come before this, David Cage did an amazing job delivering an amazing experience within the game. The game is an interactive drama which means you as the player are given multiple choices throughout the game which shape and mold the characters and the story line itself in the game. Your characters can also die in the game but if a character does die, the story just continues and alters.

In the year 2038, people by humanoid androids as slaves, housekeepers, children, sex workers, strippers, ETC. They've become a social norm. The androids suddenly begin realizing that they're able to experience emotion and express free will. Multiple androids murder their abusers and masters and the android detective Connor is sent to assist the police in investigation what's causing the androids to do so. The second character you play as is a housekeeper nanny android named Kara. Kara is bought by a an abusive drug addict struggling to survive. Kara develops protective feelings for the young daughter and when the drug addict gets abusive toward his daughter, she unlocks her free will through powerful emotional tension. Kara's journeys with the daughter to sneak across the country and as they do, Kara develops heart and a strong sense of empathy toward humans. The last character is Markus. Markus is forced to be on his own after a tragedy happened with his handler. Depending on what choice you make changes what happens. After being forced to survive on his own, Markus finds damaged androids in hiding and as the story goes on, he becomes their leader and the eventually create a group of androids fighting for freedom. The story gets out of control and in my version of the game, a civil war started between the androids and humans.

Each character has a different story and different vibe. They all have something to offer. Detroit isn't just about creating your own story or playing the game. The characters you play as are androids and their character development is molded by your personal choices as a player. These characters can be somewhat of a reflection of yourself and you may learn things about yourself playing the game as well. This game is for PS4 and even if you aren't a video game player, this game could be something you're into.
June 4th, 2018 at 07:16am