I got a new computer a while ago, and I forgot to write down all my passwords so I got locked out of my Mibba account and like fifty others. I just remembered my password though so yay. I've returned.

I haven't been up to much. Keeping my bubble.

Things are finally getting sorted out at work which is nice, taking some of the stress away. I have my boys back to help me so maybe it'll all be better soon. I'm still looking at other opportunities though since I'm not convinced it'll work out, Would rather keep my options open.

I want to try writing properly again, However I also didn't bring over any of my drafts/notes from my other computer to this one, so I have to restart everything all over again (This is including ALL my graphics.) Which could work out in my favour, most of it was a burning garbage pile anyway.

Oh...I got my first weekend off work ever last weekend.
Granted I was sick, legitimately in agony and bored out of my mind - But it was a weekend off none the less. Can't complain. Well....I can, I always will, but eh.

How've you guys been? I missed you.
June 10th, 2018 at 07:56am