Symptoms You ALL Might Be Feeling Part 2

Many of you may be feeling really depressed sad and lonely around this time. You may feel as if you want to engage in old addictive habits. You might also feel waves of emotions that you have never felt before. It's alright; these feelings are normal around this time. If you have PTSD your symptoms may flare up and you may have a lot of attacks. Please do not engage in these habits that are offensive to you. The deepest parts of yourself are to be revealed now around this time. What you feel you want most out of life that will make you happy will be heavier on your mind. Now is the time to clear out your old negative energy and start living a more positive and fulfilling life. Start being true to yourself and your mission in life. Clear out your Karmic debts and start finding a new way of living live that make you more fulfilled and happy. I cannot tell you why this is happening and why you're all feeling these things, but just know that you are not crazy. You do not need additional medication. The intense emotional distress you're feeling right now is normal and there is a reason for that. Just trust that there is a reason. Have a nice night, everybody.
June 13th, 2018 at 06:56am