I Almost Died.

Yep you're reading that title right my friends. I almost died. In my last blog here on mibba I talked about being sick and having my computer hooked to my TV well not long after that, I got worse.

I couldn't talk or eat. My throat felt like it was on fire all the time and over night it moved into my chest. So I tried to take a shower and ended up fainting. After I came too I got dressed and asked my mom to come get me and take me to the hospital.

After about 25 minutes in the waiting room I was taken back. 3 IVs sunk into my body, one in my arm and one in each hand. Blood drawn 6 times, a CT Scan, and x-rays.

Turned out I had Pneumonia which turned into Sepsis. Thats right, Sepsis. The scariest part of this whole thing was that my dad died from this same illness that I was fighting. So I was admitted to the hospital on June 23rd and sedated on Life support they took me off life support on June 30th and then I was released on July 3rd.

Needless to say I still feel like shit, I wanna cry because I still feel so bad and I'm scared that I'm going to have to go back to the hospital.


Thats my story lol, How have you guys been? What did I miss?
July 8th, 2018 at 04:16am