Shatter's Comment Monsters: July 2018 Rec List!

Hey guys!

As you guys most likely know by now, there are two challenges going on right now.

So I haven't yet decided if I want to join and try for the ABC Drabble challenge since I have been a bit rusty with my writing... I will decide very soon though. But I have already started commenting on some stories and I plan on getting my hands on many of the drabbles the writers participating in this challenge brings out. But I am not picky and will read any story to comment on. And if I like it a lot I will add it to my rec list! They will be in no particular order. I hope you guys will go check these stories out and give them your own constructive criticism!

After this month and challenge, I will add these stories to my Story Recommendations Master List.

July 8th, 2018 at 07:15pm