Shout Outs!

Hello Mibba! I have been on this site for a very long time(I joined when I was 14). I grew up on this site. And I couldn't ask for a better writing community than this one! I just felt the urge to give shout outs, because these people deserve it!

**Please note: Don't be offended if I didn't/forgot to give you a shout out in this blog. I do appreciate everyone on this site!**

Mandy, I remember when I met you on some mediocre joke of a writing size years ago(I can't remember the site name now). You messaged me thanking for giving you actually feedback on your stories. You then expressed to me how you hated the site you came from, and the community was terrible.

I recruited you to mibba! I think many people are very happy to have you here with us. You are so talented, and just a breath of fresh air! You have been with me through everything in my adolescent year. You always help me with my writing, and I love sharing my work with you.

You are truly a gift in my life. And I love you!


It was only a few years ago that we actually started talking, talking. But oh my god, I can't picture my life without you Hina. You make me laugh, you make me think, you make me want to grow and better myself.

I remember when I had you join discord. The first time I heard your voice I thought you were the cutest person EVER!

You support me through thick and thin. You continue to stand by me, even when I'm nothing but a complete b*tch at times.

Your writing? I am in love with it! You are so creative, and I am glued to your stories. I would hands down buy any of your books whenever you get published.

Thank you for being part of my life!


I know we don't talk a lot, but I know if I ever need anything you will be there for me. You are so sweet, kind, and caring. I completely adore your style, and your lovely hair! Don't let anyone tell you that you are not beautiful, because you are stunning and breath taking!

I love catching up with you through your blogs. I love your tattoos too! You are bold, brave, and strong!

Not to mention, you make great graphics! And I thank you for making me beautiful layouts!

Girl, I have known you since the begin I joined mibba! You have recently gotten me sucked back into MCR fanfiction with your incredible story Ten Feet Below the Ground.

You are simply adorable, and you never fail to make me smile. I am so happy you joined Twitch too! When I get my tower up and running to be able to stream again, you and I are going to take over Twitch with our awesomeness!

You are easy to talk to and share my worries with. Anything I privately share with you, I know you will keep it as a secret of your own. You are honest and pure. Hope we remain close for the following years to come!

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for doing my graphics request. And let me tell you, YOU ARE SO F*CKING TALENTED!

Your graphics take my breath away. I hope you don't mind, but I think I will always come to you for a banner request.

I hope I get to know you better. From what I seen you are very sweet and understanding.

You keep rocking it girl!


We started talking and sharing with out work together recently, but I already feel a strong connection with you. Your writing? Oh my god, you are one of the most talented writers on this site! Your stories give me chills, and sometimes bring me to tears. In some way, I am slightly jealous of your talent(don't take that the wrong way).

Also I was creeping on your profile the other day, and GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRL! You look like a model!

I hope we continue to talk and build a friendship.


I don't see you around the site much anymore, but I know the moment I reach out to you, you are there for me. You are super cute and very easy to talk to!

I love talking about anime with you. I love your fanfics! They are written so beautifully and capture the things you love very well. I also love fangirling with you!

I hope to see you around more, because this site is very lucky to have you! I am glad to be able to call you my friend.
July 12th, 2018 at 02:44pm