Self Healing, Pain, and Humanity

People will find any excuse they can to try and prove why you're the wrong one in your circumstances. They look down at people who show signs of weakness and shun people who are not "strong". People resent love and they praise pain. The more you suffer, the more hatred and pain you endure in your heart, the more people admire you and respect you.

These people need help and deep down they want happiness too. They want excitement and to not feel so much negativity in their heart. But as they go through life, their heart is bombarded with negativity and sometimes it can be very difficult to have hope in this world. When people are surrounded by too much negativity, they reprogram their mind forcefully with the negativity they have been exposed to and they adopt it into their mind. They then become a conduit to those negative emotions and thoughts and spread it through the world like a virus. People are lost and confused. They need help and they need empathy. But understand that not all people who are bad have a good heart buried deep inside. Sometimes people are bad because it is their choice. Know how to decipher these people apart.

Do not be afraid to show pain even to yourself. Exposing your pain and being honest with it and allowing yourself to feel it means that you are brave enough to start healing from it. Never be ashamed of self-healing because it is something you need in order to experience life from a better perspective. Life is full of problems and the problems will never stop but it is our responsibility to maintain our happiness and choose if we want to stay happy or be miserable and satisfy the parts of ourselves which hold us back from true happiness. Understand that you do not have to impress anyone. You do not have to prove anything to anyone.

I understand that a lot of the time, we feel like we are going against ourselves or being dishonest with ourselves when we're put into a position that jeopardizes our sense of morality or what we think is right or wrong. Also we feel this way because of pride.

Pride robs us from self healing because all it is, is a limiting emotion created to secure and preserve qualities that we believe are more important than others. Pride will hold you back when it comes to self healing because we use pride as a form of security and we as people become fearful when we feel our security is at risk. But understand that healing is about removing the old which is no longer necessary to make room for new which is much more beneficial.

When we want to move on from pain, we have to express our pain only to seek help and heal from it. Do not express your pain simply because you are miserable because that only gives people false sense of who you are, it gives you a false sense of who you are, and it spreads your negativity to other people. Also it may even remind you of how much you are suffering inside.

Pain is a negative emotion which means we're more drawn to it, but if you make the conscious choice to want to move on from pain, you must first look at who you want to be and you want to really want to let go of this pain in your heart. Self healing is never easy, but at the end of the storm, there is always a beauty to behold. Start self-healing when you can because life will not wait for you. Only you can decide when you want to be ready to move forward. And no matter how scared or vulnerable you get, understand you will be alright.

I love you all and I hope this blog finds you in your time of need. Stay awesome!
July 29th, 2018 at 07:44am