Kpop Songs + Monsta X Concert

So there have been a lot of songs released the last couple of days so I thought I'd do this earlier than I said I would! Some of these artists are some of my favorites!

1. Vixx's Leo - Touch & Sketch
2. SF9 - Now or Never
3. Miyro - Yellow
4. Golden Child - Let Me
5. KARD - Ride the Wind
6. Zico ft. IU - Soulmate
7. Jinho Covering - We Don't Talk Anymore
8. Villain - Manitto
9. Monsta X - Livin' it Up
The last song just came out legit like an hour ago.

These are all the songs that I've had on repeat for the last like....couple days to a week depending on their release date! :) Just ugh. Yes. The vocals alone, and Now or Never it gives me some funky retro vibes which seems to be a common theme these days!


The Monsta X concert was AMAZING. There was strict no camera policy so I only got one photo, and honestly, it's the only one that matters. Hyungwon is my bias but gosh doggit if Wonho doesn't have a nice body Photo link. The whole show was so amazing, we all went way too hard and I was so freaking sore the next day. Best performances for Be Quiet and Dramarama tbh, I loved those so much. The concert seemed to go by very quickly, and its such a blur for me? We got all lined up for the hitouch ( it's basically a high five but you look the IN THE EYES its so.. gheruioghruwegh ) and I was so not ready but it happened.

1. Changkyun/ I.M - he was so sweet. I panicked at first and didn't walk right away and he was like "It's okay come on," and boy >:] okay don't gotta tell me. He held my hand super tight - his hand was hecka sweaty D:

2. Minhyuk - LOOKED SO TIRED THIS BABY. Like I held his hand and told him I loved him and to get some sleep and he laughed.

3. Kihyun - He purposefully looked into my eyes and when I said I love you - he fricken said it back. He squeezed my hand.

4. Shownu - He WAS SO SWEET? I ... RGJiweroho I am a MESS BOY OH MAN. So he held my hand and we made some serious eye contact. I don't know if I said anything to him though, oops.
5. Hyungwon - This is my bae, he is my husband. I love him. He is fuckin tall - his hands were warm and he smiled, looked kinda tired, I said "I love you so much," and he just got all blushy it was darn cute.

6. Wonho - previous bias, now my son. He was so cheeky and adorable. You know when babies do stuff for a reaction and then smile about it; that's Wonho. He smiled and laced his dang fingers with mine and I died inside. He is huge btw. Like muscle wise, he is massive.

7. Jooheon - he laced his fingers with mine too and held eye contact forever. He said I love you before I did! I was shocked and flustered; like boy no stop. He almost didn't let go cause my sister was waiting for her turn before he let go of me. It was so surreal.

Like ya'll how to I come back from this?! Send help. I have major PCD D:

46 days till I see BTS in Ft. Worth
August 1st, 2018 at 11:45am