Please Adopt These!

Hey y'all, I've been gone for what seems like forever but is actually two-ish years. And in those two-ish years, I've had stories collecting dust and waiting on updates that would never come. Once upon a time I did love these stories and was excited about writing them but sometimes you just lose interest in those stories. And I know there's people waiting on updates or anything about the stories they subscribed for. So, to give the stories closure and to give away some good ideas to anybody who's interested I'm giving the following stories up for adoption:

Sleepless: it's a Tom Riddle/OC story taking place in his Hogwart years. It's pretty much a how Tom Riddle REALLY became Voldemort. He loses the love of his life, the brains of the operation, etc etc. I was excited for this story, I still kind of am and would love to read it if someone wants to take over. Y'all can use the already existing chapters if you want. I like the title, I think it'll fit if the story is written in the right direction.

Let Live: it's an Austin Carlile (Of Mice and Men)/OC fanfic. Summary reads as: "Angela Morgan when you look at her, you see a grey eyed, black and red haired girl. You don't see the underlying unease, or the feelings of not being good enough, or not perfectionist thoughts. You don't see none of that, you see the pretty grey eyed girl that she tried so hard to make look happy. Happiness can't be faked, it has to come naturally. And happiness does come naturally, when Austin enters her life through the one show she performed at for Of Mice and Men." Honestly, don't know where I was going with this story since I'm an impulsive story poster who doesn't stop to think things through, lmao. Y'all can use the already existing chapters if you want. I think this is the best story title I've made yet.

Put Your Body To The Test With Mines: Vic Fuentes/OC fanfic. Summary reads as: "Rita and Vic, perfectly imperfect. That was until Rita's life turns into a big joke and Rita decides to not tell Vic the big punch line." Spoiler: Rita is pregnant with Vic's child and doesn't want to let him know because of his career just taking off and her not wanting to hold his dream back. The story was just going to be about them finding their way back to each other and learning to love each other again. The story was going to end when their children was born. Feel free to use the already existing chapters. This title was long, but I liked it. Can be changed.

This Is A Wasteland: it's a Tony Perry/OC fanfic starting in their junior year of high school, semi-au about how the band got together. Story pretty much needs a complete revamp considering it was pretty much like my beginner/rookie story. I've been meaning to revamp it but didn't have the time nor the patience ngl. Summary reads as: "They had their problems, yeah. Everybody did, but still loved each other, anybody can see it. What they had was special and rare, it would be a waste for them to give it up. Starts in their junior year of high school. It'll progress from there." I don't know where I was going with this one either because again I'm an impulsive story poster. I honestly wouldn't even recommend using the existing chapters since I think they're cringey, but if you think something can be salvage from them then go ahead by all means. I think the title fits considering I was going to make the story a whole hot ass mess filled with drama and shit.

Okay, that's all the stories I have up for adoption. If you want one, just send me a message and I can send the chapters and stuff I have for the stories to you. Some stories have more related stuff than others. Feel free to question me on anything that you think it's relevant. I hope somebody takes an interest in at least one of these!

I know, I know. This is my second time posting this but maybe someone will see it and find some interest in it. If you want the existing docs and everything then just message me with your email and I can send them to you.
August 8th, 2018 at 04:45am