Hi, Everyone.

Hi gang,

Uh, wow. It's been a hot minute since I've been here. Hello! I'm not even sure most of the people that I used to speak to here are even on here anymore. But I missed this place and thought I'd come back. Things have changed for me -- quite drastically, honestly.

I was last on here about a year and a half ago. I was finishing up my last semester at community college, on a path to getting into nursing school. I was excited and happy, being two weeks away from not dealing with silly pre-reqs anymore. I don't know how to say the next without sounding horribly dramatic and fake, but my dad died. I'd rather not talk about the how and why, as it's painful. I was pretty much dead inside; I don't know how I managed to finish my classes with the high grades that I got during that time. I didn't go back to community college after that and pretty much just...didn't do anything.

I don't remember much of the rest of 2017. As I said, I was pretty much dead. I did go see my best friend in NC, which was a beautiful experience, but other than that, I wanted to die. Toward the start of the new year, I somehow woke up one day (and I'm pretty sure my dad is responsible for this) and told my mom that I thought it was time I headed back to school. It was what my dad wanted for me and I didn't think he'd want me to live/not live like this and she said she'd support and help me get in. Bless my mom, really. She's seriously the reason I'm not in the ground next to dad now.

I hitched up my boots and went to see a counselor; then I had to take my HESI entrance exam; then I had to wait. God, y'all, it was an insanely difficult test. I won't be cocky and say it was easy, LMFAO. NO. IT WASN'T. I seriously thought I failed it. My family was in California when I got the news that I passed the HESI. I was so excited that I nearly got into an accident, oopsy. I also think I had a stroke bc I couldn't move my hands. >___>

ANYWAYS. I passed the HESI, then I had to wait to see if the acceptance committee, well, accepted me. That was hell. I thought, for sure, that I wouldn't be accepted. Well, I was accepted and I cried and screamed in the middle of a busy mall with my family.

Aaaaand two days ago, I started my two year journey to become a nurse.


Me in my scrubs. (:


It's official!!

Anyways, you'll be seeing a lot more of me this time around; I'll try to get my newest stuff up this weekend. Hope everyone has been doing well. Ily!
September 6th, 2018 at 06:54am