Stories Are Up!

Well, Their story pages. I missed the novelty and nostalgia of having stories up with awesome layouts, haha. (:

Anyways, I got most of the story pages up last night and will possibly start posting tomorrow, as Saturdays are set up for me to do very little when it comes to school since I do absolutely all my homework during the week. Here's the line-up so far (with mini summaries included)!

-- Céline ; In 1914 France, a girl named Céline must contend with the impending German invasion of the country during the First World War, after her father is sent to fight in the front lines.
-- Countess ; A modern retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo, with a few twists and turns along the way.
-- Dead Man ; A companion to Fragility, told from Alexander Bernadotte's pragmatic and often pessimistic point of view.
-- Fragility ; In the early days of World War II, an English princess, living with her abusive uncle, must fight to keep her already fragile world from unraveling.
-- Pale ; A princess makes a Faustian bargain with a devious mermaid to save her kingdom after her tyrant step-brother is crowned King.
-- Ved'ma ; Iinna the Ved'ma is a source of chaotic good; Gunnr the huntress is the catalyst that'll make the world -- Inna's and ours -- burn.

I'm not sure what to post first, tho. I'm thinking Fragility, since that usually takes the longest to perfect and write. Or I'll just do what I usually do and post all at once, bc why not?

Hope y'all had a good day! Ily.
September 8th, 2018 at 01:21am