I Have an Idea

So a long long time ago (aka last year lol), I had this realization I wanted to self-publish something. Just for myself you know, not trying to make bank or anything. But the original idea was The Davis Effect because it was done and I was already working on the sequel. And it was my plan for a few months before I reread it and realized it wasn't it. Like I had written it back in high school (finished it halfway through college--I'm now one year out from having graduated college lol) and there was a lot about it that just screams bad writing (which is obvious since I had a high school level brain at the time). It was super discouraging so I channeled my energy into another idea, which ended up becoming Wonderland.

I'm about ten chapters away from finishing Wonderland (which is the fastest I've ever written something IN MY LIFE, lbr) but I went back to The Davis Effect and suddenly got inspiration over what I'd change about it, which, let me tell you, is a lot. And honestly, I think I may pursue it. It'd give me a break from Wonderland, which lately I've been writing solely out of obligation so in terms of content, probably isn't as good as I'd hope since my mentality is "JUST WRITE A PAGE A DAY, FIX IT LATER" which isn't all that encouraging tbh.

But unnecessarily long story short, I think I'm going to revamp The Davis Effect entirely. The POVs are no longer going to be just Fitz and Tate (but various characters but don't worry, Fitz and Tate are still the mains), and it's gonna be a bit more fleshed out and more professional. I feel like maybe I should post it on here first and see how I feel about it but I also would be so sad to get rid of what's already on here lmao. Which makes no sense tbh bc the latest draft is actually an edited version of whats on here anyway.

So I don't know! I've been working on it for the past couple of days and so far, I'm liking the new direction it's going so I just might. What do you think?

Also, to round out this blog post a little bit more, I'm lit because wedding szn is here. My cousin's wedding is next week and it's gonna be a BONANZA, I'm so excited. And then my brother's wedding is in December which is also going to a damn bonanza, so I'm super duper excited. You'll probably see hella pics on my instagram (@raveenaalam)! I'm also trying to figure out trips to take since I have none at the moment. My cousin, who lives in SLC, suggested we go to Zion (it's in between both of us) in November so I wanna hold her to that bc that would be so much fun and I absolutely love Zion. I also really wanna go to Seattle since tickets are so cheap but no one wants to go with me :( and I'm locking my friend down for Vancouver in January so !!!! Can I afford this lifestyle? NOPE but I can always make money back. Can't get time back!!!

Anyways, I should get back to work. Hope you all have a good Thursday!
October 4th, 2018 at 05:35pm