Turning a Novel into a Webcomic

Hey Mibba! Long time, no see. I know it probably seems like I pop in like once a year to just make a blog post and go the hell away but...well...I do miss this place. Mainly, I miss writing. Still haven't really written anything new in about three/four years.

The difference is that I'm kind of becoming a more visual person, if that makes sense? I graduated this spring from UCF with a Character Animation degree and since I started that program, I've related more to pictures than writing. As in, I've found it easier to storyboard instead of write scenes. I don't know if that makes a whole lot of sense. Plus, most of my writing was bad and all sounded the same to me. I know I wrote a lot of it when I was young, but man, it's a bad feeling to look back at something that brought you joy and realize it was all for nothing.

Anyway!! Pessimism aside, I've finally started a webcomic like I've been saying I'm gonna do for like the past four years!! And guess what, it's based on a story I had on here that was my absolute baby. It's called Who Knows, Who Cares and it's on Tapas if you want to read and/or subscribe. (I've taken the story itself off of Mibba since I didn't want to spoil anybody. also it was awful)

Aaaaaand as for me, I dunno how I'm doing. I'm honestly kind of lost. I'm still at a dead-end job because I got a degree in something that practically has no jobs in the area of Florida I'm stuck in, and I could plaster my walls with the amount of rejection letters I've gotten so far. I'm working on my portfolio every day and just hoping for the best. It just sucks when you feel like you should've slapped your eighteen-year-old self in the face and told her to not follow her dreams because she'll just be broke and miserable after graduation.


But yeah! Southpaw's annual blog post ends...now!

Love ya, Mibba!
October 20th, 2018 at 09:00pm