This is a blog all about the stupendous TheDevilsHalo;!


Tell us a little about yourself.
I'm Mandy, I'm 29 and I am a mum to a beautiful, crazy little girl.

Favorite television show?
I have a few, but right now I have to say that I'm really into Chicago Fire and Ghost Adventures!

Favorite movie?
There's so many... Green Street is a great movie, I will always love Free Willy and I could watch Grease over and over without getting bored.

Favorite band/musician?
I don't really have an overall favorite Band or musician, my music kind of depends on my mood.

Favorite book?
War Horse, Harry Potter, Narnia... the classics like Treasure Island!

Favorite hobby?
Writing for sure...


How long have you been on Mibba?
I've been on Mibba for about five and a half years.

What brought you here?
Erin aka Ghoul Scouts... she kidnapped me from Quotev (This is probably the only time I'll ever say that I was glad to be kidnapped)

What was the first piece you ever published on the site?
It was a badly written story called Why Me I think...

Favorite piece of yours that you've written?
I'm gonna have to say Just Another Love Story...

Favorite piece by another Mibbian?
Oh god... anything from Erin is always a good read as well as Hina and PhenoBarbiDoll!

Tell us about your writing process.
My process has always been pretty simple, I write out my first draft by hand, then type it up as a second draft making changes as I go and then I read it over a final time before posting.

Which section of the forums is your favorite and why?
I really like the RolePlaying section, I've recently got into roleplaying and it's refreshing to be able to write with someone freely.

Shameless self-promotion: Give us the link to a few of your favorite pieces along with a short description.
Stand By Me - This is a Chicago Fire fanfiction centered around my OC Taylor, who is a firefighter with the Chicago Fire Department and kinda follows her journey in both the job she does and her personal life.

Love is Love - Just a love story where age is just a number and the heart rules over everything.

A Heart Worth Loving - A Vampire Diaries fanfiction centered around my OC Layla and her involvement with the Supernatural world, including her blossoming relationship with one Damon Salvatore.

Summer or winter?
Winter, who doesn't like curling up in an oversized hoodie with a cup of hot chocolate.

Rain or sunshine?

Pepsi or coke?

Rock or rap?

Coffee or tea?

Vanilla or chocolate?

Comedy or horror?

Netflix or Hulu?


What hobby would you get into if time and money weren't an issue?
Traveling. I'd love to travel the world with my partner and little girl.

What's the best thing that happened to you last week?
My little girl broke up from school... It's nice to spend some time with her.

If all jobs had the same pay and hours, what job would you like to have?
I'd love to work in a dog shelter.

What would be your ideal way to spend the weekend?
My weekends are always great... I spend time at my mum's house and then the Sunday with my own little family, so I wouldn't change it!

What would be your first question after waking up from being cryogenically frozen for one hundred years?
Oh god, what did I miss?

If you had unlimited funds to build a house that you would live in for the rest of your life, what would the finished house be like?
I'd love to live on a farm in one of those old-fashioned farmhouses, not too big, but big enough for everyone to have their own space. It would look amazing from the outside, but inside it would be homely and suited to our idea of comfy.
October 26th, 2018 at 04:53am