Yet Another Crazy Weird Dream

Okay people I don't really know what to say about this one.

Thor was my father and he is the god of thunder

My name was Thora goddess of thunder and lightening

Then I had a boyfriend who was the god of sonic sounds.

We were fighting these damn creatures that only multiplied if they weren't killed correctly. For some reason the shit was taking place in a school.


So my dad, Thor, is trying to convince me that my powers are a good thing and once I give in I will be more powerful than I know. He tells me that he don't hurt others, we protect people from those that do.

Isn't that still hurting people, but within reason?

Anyways, we're flying and we're kicking ass and rescuing all the people still trapped all at once. then I end up alone. There's hella creatures coming after me and I'm surrounded. We're in the middle of the hallways that's like nothing but glass. The walls, the windows, mirrors and doors. All I can do is scream. From some reason the thought crosses my mind that thunder can be loud as fuck and lightening is a force itself. Right then and there I give in and scream so loud the entire building shake. while i'm screaming thor uses his powers to fry them and my boyfriend amplifies the sound.

We win.

I have no word for this, but I do know; I ain't that much sugar again for a least week. I can't handle anymore weird dreams.
October 26th, 2018 at 11:09pm