Become the Change You Want to See in the World

Your dominant experience in this world is complimented by the dominant characteristics of your heart. Whatever is in your heart is how you will view the world and experience the world.

The concept of the world "I" "eye", and "aye" share more in common then just how they sound.

Eyes are what we see out of but to see is to comprehend or realize. We can only see as much in life as we're able to comprehend. The only reason why we see things in front of us the way we do is because we have physical eyes, therefore, we comprehend things physically.

hypothetically speaking, just work with me here... What if, I brought to your attention the idea of mental or emotional eyes? Many people who go blind are able to "see" the world through the eyes of their other senses. This might seem complicated right now, but trust me, it'll make sense the more you think on it.

"I" is a simple term meaning you or me being identified as an individual. "I" meaning the identity of you, and "eye" as in how you comprehend can be pulled together to create a new understanding of life. who (I am) you are inside and what you identify as will dictate what kind of life you experience and how you view it.

If you have fear in your heart, uncertainty, commitment issues, pain, or emotional damages, know that you will attract this into your life through friends, possibly family, and even relationships. Your relationships with people around you will evolve along with you.

If you are a highly ambitious person, respectable, and understanding, you will attract these kinds of energies into your life.

Just because you see violence, pain, hatred, or death in the world, does not mean you are those things. Understand that it's okay to comprehend reality and all of its negativity, but depending on what kind of heart (or eyes) you have, you will be able to filter through the negativity and discover a whole new side to yourself, the world, or even someone you love.

Don't wait for the world to change and grow a heart, because you are the world and you are the change. What you hold inside of you could make a significant impact.

Think of your home situation, your relationships, your jobs, and your philosophies. Examine what kind of energy you live in, then you will know what truly lies in your heart... or your mentality.

I hope this blog finds you when needed. Have an amazing day.
November 6th, 2018 at 12:15am