Every single freaking time I say that I'm coming back I post for about a month and then disappear again. Well here I am, coming back, and most likely going to disappear again. I notice that it comes in waves of whenever I get my heart broken. Lol, go figure. On the other hand it's not completely my fault for disappearing, even though when you look at it all it is 100% my fault. I mostly have time to write and update in between school breaks. Normally, I'd have time to update during school but dumb me decided to add another major. Then I decided to add a law certificate. And I'm still graduating early. And I'm still avoiding looking at programs for my masters degree.

Despite all that it is almost winter break and I have about a month off. Right now I only have two more online final exams to complete and one more final that I'm taking in person on Tuesday (wish me luck, I need it). And right after finals are done my birthday is coming on the 10th, yay me I'm finally turning 21! Perfect time for finals to end because I can cry about my grades while I legally drink wine.

Okay, enough about my school problems. On to the updates about writing and coming back, blah blah blah. Well if you follow me I'm rewriting my Sempiternal series. I'm currently writing chapter 10, but I've only posted seven chapters. I wanted to get ahead on the writing so that when I do upload I'm not rushing to get something out every few days. It makes sense in my head, okay. But since I only have to study for one more test and I can use notes for the other two tests online I can start editing/posting/writing again! And I'll have more motivation since I get bored at work when I don't have anything to do. Which is frequently since I'm a receptionist and just answer phones and file papers.

Well in other news I would love to continue my other works, mostly Featherweights. However, it is a very personal subject that is close to me and I want to focus all of my attention on it. So I might rewrite some of those chapters whenever the mood or inspiration strikes me. But if not, enjoy the awful writing that it was two years ago or please enjoy my new works.

Thanks for reading my rambles.

Stay Golden.
Candice Danielle.
November 30th, 2018 at 09:00pm