Hello everyone!

I’ve been posting on the roleplay recruiting thread, but it seems every time I post I end up with another idea so I’m going to put a few of them on here.

Werewolf plot:
Hunters are starting to close in on the packs in the area and the wolves numbers are dwindling. The packs are getting desperate to protect themselves. They decide to make a deal, arranging for a marriage between the daughter of one pack alpha to the other pack alpha in order to double their numbers and bring their packs together.

Gang Plot:
Girl has been in a relationship with boy for a few years now and boy loves to spoil her. She has never questioned where he got his money from, he always told her he was a businessman. Girl never expected anything until she got called to the emergency room where he was. She confronts him about it and he’s forced to tell her that he’s highly involved in not only a gang, but underground fighting.

He’s the leader of a mafia, she’s just trying to get by and make enough money for her to survive. One day while she’s working at the club, serving drinks she catches his eye and he’s drawn to her. She knows his business, but he carries himself in such a way that she can’t help being interested in him. Their relationship grows as he starts to shower her with gifts and pays for her things. One day while she’s out to dinner with him, he’s suddenly arrested and carted off.

So those are a few of my ideas, doubling is a must as long as you’re up for it. Also, these could be original or Avenged Sevenfold based, please let me know if anyone is interested!! Share this with your friends if you think they’d be interested!
December 14th, 2018 at 04:31am