High Trauma

My life is too terrible right now to detail. I’ll break it up into brief summaries.

I have been selling things online. Reselling things, in fact. Either thrift store clothes or things that my cousins used to wear. It has been going quite well, but I hope that it will soon go even better.

I have also been knitting as of late. I hope to also sell my needlework online before the winter is over. By Christmas I must finish my boyfriends hat, knit mittens for him, finish his mother’s scarf, knit my cousin’s hat, my mother’s hat, my grandmother’s hat, and my boydriend’s father’s hat. Hahhaha.

I want to get my boyfriend so many things but I barely have any money. I feel very bad about this.

I have been practicing my gaming skills under the training of my boyfriend, and I think I’ve improved immensely. I can actually kill people on fortnite now and it is really fun.

I am very interested in fashion lately. Specifically, I find vintage and classic styles in general fascinating. I am drawn to anything elegant or classy as I feel that our culture is desperately lacking this. I wish we could go back to the 40s/50s in terms of standards of personal appearance (and most other things for that matter).

I will abstain from explaining the terrible aspects of my life as I would prefer to ignore it. Furthermore, I find that describing the negative aspects of one’s life is read by some as almost a form of erotica. They derive great pleasure from knowing the misery of others because they are in a constant comparative state and love to feel superior.

I’d rather not delve into something so personal publicly anymore unless it is constructive in some way. Besides, it would be impossible to explain the depth, reality or intricacies of my circumstance. And like everyone who’s lived it says, no one would believe it anyway, unless they live in it themselves.
December 19th, 2018 at 10:19am