Reflections & Resolutions

I still am in denial that 2018 is about to end. Where on earth did this entire year go???? At the same time though, I'm ready for next year. I'd like to put 2018 in a box and set it down right next to 2017 lol. This year has been...interesting. Like I traveled a lot, which was the best part imo. And it definitely has been better than 2017 (which is arguably the worst year of my life) but not as good as 2016 (arguably the best year of my life...maybe also 2013, idk).

I think I'm still struggling with mental health. The doom and gloom has been more constant lately and I don't really know what to do about it since therapy is so damn expensive lol (sidenote: does anyone do online therapy? And does it work?). So it's kind of at a stand still and the reason why this year hasn't been the best for me.

HOWEVER, I was looking back on my 2018 resolutions in THIS blog. And tbh, I think I did better than expected lmao. Let's review, shall we?

1. Write and finish Wonderland so I can self-publish it in 2019 - okay, I'm almost done with this. Still have 7 chapters to go so the "self-publish in 2019" part is still a go. So I'll take that as a semi-win lol.

2. Learn how to cook since I'm living on my own - also did this. The guy I used to date got me a cookbook and I did a pretty decent job at trying to cook a couple times a month! So also a semi-win.

3. Go to the gym every week day since it's like 5 steps from my apartment (I literally chose this unit so I wouldn't make any excuses) - LMFAO did not do this, literally made so many excuses. But ya live and ya learn.

4. Love myself - still trying to figure this one out too. Not nearly there but I am starting to learn what I want out of certain relationships and life, which I think is a step closer.

5. Don't let Mochi (my hamster) die, she's supposed to live for 2-3 years - SHE'S STILL ALIVE, SO WIN

6. Get a dog and hope he/she doesn't eat Mochi - DONE AND DONE. My lil Ramen came into my life like 7 months ago and homie doesn't even glance at Mochi unless she makes a weird sound on her wheel or something.

SO, PRETTY DECENT, RIGHT? I'll just feel better about this on my own lol. As for 2019, I think I'm definitely going to still focus on the stuff I didn't get a chance to fully complete. Like finishing Wonderland, going to the gym, and learning to love myself. Also, I'm going to focus more on finding a job and moving out of Arizona. I definitely need to do that lol.

How did you all do on your 2018 resolutions? And do you have any for 2019?

Have a happy new year, y'all!
December 28th, 2018 at 04:51pm