2018 Reflections + 2019 Resolutions

Can't believe I only wrote two blogs in 2018 but it is what it is. 2018 has been relatively quiet, looking back on it. I finished my first year of master's, got a boyfriend after almost 3 years of being single (and then got dumped four months later) (fun), traveled to my home country for the first time (Sri Lanka), and finally (I think, I hope) got out of retail. A lot of things happened, sure, but it wasn't as eventful as 2017 or the dreaded 2015 was. I hope that in 2019, I have more clear cut resolutions that I'll actually try to actively complete as opposed to making broad goals like 'eat healthy' but not specifying how I'll follow through on this. Anyways. Let's reflect on what my goals for 2018 were:

1. Work out at least 4 times a week.
I'm pretty happy that I have done this. My body is changing and for the most part I'm satisfied with where it is, but ultimately I know it could be better.

2. Learn how to cook and make 3 meals (level of difficulty is up to you).
Uh, I learned how to make eggs and salads and I know how to cook rice but that's the extent of it. This is definitely going in my 2019 resolutions, for sure.

3. Minimise makeup and wardrobe and sell whatever you don’t use / wear.
Okay, so I have bags of clothes I can donate which I'll make an effort to do tomorrow but in terms of makeup, I have sorted them out but I've yet to find a place that accepts used makeup nor have I made the effort to sell anything. So eh. Will probably donate.

4. Get out of retail.
I was unemployed for over a month and man that killed me, but it got me out of retail so I can't be too mad.

5. Raise your standards. You know what you mean by this.
Lmao, I did raise my standards. Sort of. My ex was super sweet but also super dumb, which I knew going into it but apparently that did not stop me. I've learned my lesson though - no boyfriends until I sort my own shit out. It's just easier that way.

6. Use the planner you bought for yourself.
I suck at using planners, so I'm committed to not buying any for myself anymore.

7. Track your expenses and stick to it.
God I'm funny.

8. Deep clean your room at least twice a year.
I have not done this but tomorrow's the 31st so if I deep clean my room before I go out to celebrate NYE then I'm going to tag this as done. Actually fuck it. I'm going to tag this as done and start cleaning out my room tonight (9:32pm 30/12/18 as I write this) and start 2019 afresh.

9. Distinctions and higher. Step up your game.
Oops. At least I passed, though.

10. Write a novel. Finish it, preferably, but if you don’t, at least plan out each chapter.
Writing has not been my priority in the past few years and to be honest, I don't think I'll ever return to it in the same capacity that I'd like to. It's not that I don't have time because I totally do, but the drive isn't as strong as it used to be. I miss it though, it's been so important to me and it's not something I'm willing to let go of just yet. Even if I do write once a year, lmao.

A lowkey resolution I had also for 2018 was to have sex bc it'd been almost 3 years and I have, twice, and MAN I'm so happy I accomplished this LMFAO ok moving on

2019 Resolutions:
1. Travel overseas. If I save money efficiently, I can accomplish this. Also, I love exploring new places. It's a nice feeling.

2. Secure a full time job. I feel this is very feasible considering the opportunities in my grasp. I just have to write kickass cover letters and score in interviews.

3. Whether I end up studying full time or part time, make the considerable effort to stay committed to my studies, write notes each week and start assignments early. Be that ho.

4. No boyfriends until I get my shit sorted. I'm pretty firm on this, considering when I have a boyfriend my own desires to improve myself lessen slightly. I want a full time job to have that financial stability and then at some point, do the big Europe backpacking trip. Or I want to finish my masters this year and work part time. Whatever happens, I want to accomplish something that reminds me I'm a kickass individual who needs to stop doubting herself.

And now for the more fun resolutions that I reckon I can definitely accomplish:

1) Go bungee jumping. There's nowhere I can do it in my state, but I can definitely take a day trip or go somewhere for a weekend to do the thing.

2. Skinny dipping. Because why tf not honestly

3. Watch a sun rise.

4. Buy a Polaroid camera and make the effort to take some cute darn pics.

5. Master the use of chopsticks. My skills are okay, but they're not master worthy.

6. Have more sex. Seriously @ me u need this amen

Fingers crossed 2019 is generally a more exciting year than 2018 was!
December 30th, 2018 at 11:50am